Quality Assurance Policy and Environmental Management

Navarro y Boronad’s Management System has one goal, which is to guarantee the optimal standards which we agree on with our clients, in all the services we offer. To do so, we set the following basic principles from our Quality Management Policy (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001):

  • Meeting and satisfying our clients’ expectations and instructions and increase our presence in an ever more demanding market.

  • Opting for the continuous improvement of procedures and services offered.

  • Complying with legal regulations, always enforcing adherence to all legal and contractual requirements applicable to NAVARRO Y BORONAD in the development of its commercial operations.

  • Providing the added-value of trust, which boosts our corporate image and offers a differential factor from our competition.

  • Providing services fully in accordance with management processes and procedures set forth by NAVARRO Y BORONAD.

  • Performing a SWOT analyses.

  • Preventing pollution, by identifying its potential risks and establishing optimal ways of addressing them.

  • Contributing to reducing the enviromental impact from our commercial activity.

  • Reducing hazardous waste generation and increasing waste segregation at our workplaces.

  • Controlling the environmental management of our service providers, thus ensuring they maintain correct practices with regards to the environment.

  • Understanding the company’s risks and opportunities in order to adapt to the relevant requirements in our Management System.